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[quote=Senator Hatrack]Therefore any attempts to say that I am in agreement with the Southern Democrats is BS!

Really? Hmm

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As someone is actively involved in Trump's reelection campaign, no I am not.

Trump is the front and center racist spokesperson for white nationalism. gobsmacked

“I am the least racist person you have ever met."
- Trump

* Nixon’s Justice Department sued Trump and his father Fred for barring blacks from their apartment buildings, it has been known that the president is a racist — and a congenital one at that.

This old news. The Justice Dept sued a large number of landlords in NYC for doing that. Trump and his father and many other landlords there stopped their discriminatory practices because of the lawsuit.
* The history of the Central Park Five (Trump called for the death penalty for the accused teens), or the history of blacks who worked at his casinos (fine paid for discrimination, and much more) in Atlantic City.
Trump and millions of others believed that the death penalty for some crimes is warranted, regardless of the color of the skin of the person accused of a crime. Trump's real estate business has thousands of employees. He does not have the time to micromanage it. To be successful he has to let those in the management of his business make decisions. If he were to try to make every single decision in regards to the operation of his businesses he would have time to do anything else. As in every large business there will be some who are in management that should not be.

* “Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control,” Trump said in a 1997 Playboy interview.

Do you still believe everything you said in 1997? If you don't why should Trump, or anyone else, be expected to?
* “ Mexicans? “They’re rapists.” said Trump in 2015 after descending his gold elevator at Trump Tower.

Since this "quote" of Trump's mentions his gold elevators the odds are very good that it was taken out of context.
* White supremacists waving swastikas in Charlottesville? “Very fine people on both sides,” said Trump.

This was taken out of context. That comment was about the people in Charlottsville was in reference to two groups.
1) A group that wants a statue of Robert E. Lee taken down.
2) A group that wants the statue to remain standing.
He was not talking about the Neo-Nazis or Antifa.
* Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS,” said Trump

Prove that Trump did say this.
* African nations were “s---hole countries,” said Trump as POTUS

The source that quote is Sen. Dick Durbin. Durbin has a reputation for lying.
* “Once Nigerians have seen the United States, they would never ‘go back to their huts,’” said Trump

Provide links to prove that Trump made that comment.
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