I'm not sure who your referring to when you say 'we', Jeff.

Under the current right wing, free market leadership in the house and the campaign apparatus, I don't see the Democrats veering from their record of the last 40 years.

So long as they remain just another faction of the corporate wing we will continue to see it's base drift away and/or be economically annihilated.

I've seen no real critique of the Democratic parties flaccid record of progressive accomplishment here. No willingness to engage conversation of it's evolution towards an illiberal democratic party happenning right before our eyes.

Heck, no one even raises an eyebrow when it's right wing leadership attacks an emergent left and sets the stage for the fascists to further exploit.

You may think the party,, after a 2020 victory, may address some of the issues I have raised but the last forty years of their record would say otherwise. That's all my point is about. Refuting the notion that the Democratic party is a force for progress.

It simply isn't any longer.