I've seen no real critique of the Democratic parties flaccid record of progressive accomplishment here. No willingness to engage conversation of it's evolution towards an illiberal democratic party happening right before our eyes.

Sure you have. My vehement opposition to Biden is a real critique of the Democratic party's flaccid record of progressive accomplishment. No one disagrees that the moderate/conservative members of the party have thrown a monkey wrench into whatever progressive works might be attempted. We agree with you on pretty much everything.

So what's your strategy to fix it and how do you expect change to happen in real time? What's your goal and do enough people share it to eventually vote it into existence? You beat on us and beat on us for fumbling around and trying to use the tools we've got at hand. Maybe you got better tools back at your shop, I dunno, this hammer and Skilsaw is all I got to work with here.

You want Bernie? Vote him in.

It's just that simple.
Lefties like to vote by sitting on their hands. Can't much be bothered with the voting thing, especially during the primaries. Didn't get off their asses to nominate him in 2016 and likely won't this time around.

I'm sure you voted, Chunks, but I didn't. I refuse to join the Democratic Party, just like Bernie, I usually caucus with them and haven't voted for a Republican in years. Florida's new governor may be the exception in 2022. He's doing a remarkable job and while I may not agree with him about a lot of stuff he deserves a vote of confidence and a second term. Eventually the subject of Medicaid is going to come up and I'll reserve my final judgement for his decision on that.

But yeah...neolibruls vote like crazy in the primaries, the "radical left" not so much...change that and you conquer the world.
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