In the way of an apology... After being away, coming back is a bit difficult. Diving in to threads that have dozens of posts means a lot of catching up... and some embarrassment when it's like... "Oh!, we already discussed that."

So... just a little bit of catch up on where this ancient soul has been.

My dear wife jeanie and I are now age 83, and living in in our CCRC... "Liberty Village of Peru, IL". Absolutely happy reasonably healthy, and busy with life. If you look at our home, you'll see the full service retirement campus. We live in one of the Villa's, which we own... and will be able, as needed to move into the Apartments, Assisted Living, Nursing Home or Alzheimer Unit. (The picture on the website of a Villa with roses out front, is our home). Go to the "services" link.


Currently I am in Stage 4 of Alzheimer's, which is not as bad as it sounds. Strange thing... while quickly forgetting recent and some earlier events in our life, the deeper intellect and curiosity, is still in fairly good shape.

Spend more time than necessary watching TV news, (both sides of the fence) but we're able to spend some exercise time at AJ's fitness Center, to stay in physical shape.

I have been posting on various websites, but without politics... I miss that.

Current interests:
Meatless (not vegetarian)
20 year forward look @ our country
Financial security
International news

No longer:
-Go to our Woodhaven Lakes Camp regularly
-Go to Florida (sold our home in Lake Griffin Harbor)
-Ride my bike 15 to 25 miles/day
-Do as much socially as we used to (more content to stay home).
... and get this! WORRY
Looking forward to getting back in the fray.

Life is Good! smile

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Life is Good!