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Why should I watch the video? I read a transcript of the interview and it shows that Pres. Trump did not say that "there are nice people on both sides" in reference to the Neo-Nazis and Antifa. Of course since I said that all the lefties who hate Trump and who twist everything he says into something negative will attack me. While there were some Republicans who hated Pres. Obama they were a minority in the GOP. There are very few, if any, lefties who will say something nice about Trump. I sure would love to see that I am wrong about the hatred for Trump but I ain't going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

You should watch the video because it proves that PragerU is practicing yellow journalism.
But you go ahead and feed that allergy.
I'll actually go ahead and read those critical books about FDR like you suggested (when they get here) but how nice of you not to accommodate my suggestion by devoting a couple of minutes to watch a video. (Actually it's mostly listening)
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD