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The Mooch breaks with Trump, suggests primary challenge.

Scaramucci breaks with Trump, says GOP may need 'change at the top of the ticket'

When the only truth teller on the Right is The Mooch, you know you're staring into the abyss. LOL

The Mooch was on Bill Maher's Real Time three nights ago. That is when Trump said he "happened" to "catch" the show. Golly, would could have been the motivation? coffee

The Mooch defended Trump the entire show by saying "you don't abandon friends - especially friends with really hard jobs."

Trump attacked The Mooch the next day. The Mooch returned fire.

Now...The Mooch is telling America what a bad person Trump is. WTF? Hmm

Was it that easy to turn Mooch into a "Never Trumper?" crazy Seems pretty superficial that Mooch turned that easily. Hmm

Karen and I NEVER miss Maher.
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