Pardon me for saying so but I don't think we agree on as much as your suggesting. Which is fine and I don't have a problem with that any more than others here disagree with some of the far right posters that sometimes return.
Some thoughts on where we might disagree would be Clintonism, Labor/Trade unionism, Defining the Democratic party as 'Left', strategies to win elections,Economic and political neoliberalism (or it's existence) etc...
But I thought that was what this site was supposed to be about. A scrum of ideas or something like it? Or is it something else entirely and I missed the thread?
As far as 'what's your stratagy to fix it?', I've given some suggestions though I don't see why it's my job to have a solution any more than it's yours. One thing is for sure, it's not online posting and I don't confuse that with real involvement. I'll say it again, posting just helps to clarify my thoughts and positions but is no substitute for real involvement.
As far as lefty voting, Sanders won in the states that Clinton failed to carry resulting in defeat. Neoliberals control the machine, campaign dollars and media so it's a little more complicated than your simplistic solution. When there's no left option how do you vote left?
When there is a left alternative that manages to break through these barriers the results can be surprising though and destroys the 'poors just don't like to vote' fallacy, IMO. A self serving view if there ever was one.
Deep down I think the problems are now insurmountable politically and economically. I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of economic meltdown, a rise in facism (can't go left!) radicalized nationalism thruout the world followed by 'BOOM!'.