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Absolutely no apologies necessary, just stop telling me how I think.
Ask me.
Instead of reciting boring crap from Marx and Lenin, ASK ME what I think about the issues.

We have FIRE regulations for a reason, yes?
Fire can be a useful tool, because it can warm your home, forge your steel and iron, cook your food, etc.
It can also burn down entire towns if left unchecked.

Capitalism is a lot like FIRE. Left unregulated and unchecked, it can become predatory and very damaging, and it can unearth some pretty awful unintended consequences.

And yet when properly harnessed, capitalism can lift entire generations out of poverty, stimulate innovation and launch entirely new industries.

Capitalism has demonstrated the capability to serve as a useful and rewarding tool to serve the middle class if it operates under the right kind of regulation.

If capitalism is over regulated it's effectiveness is diminished, if not destroyed. It is important to know about the ideas of Marx and Engels. Leftists are very patient in working to achieve their goals. That is why they will slip in the ideas of Marx and Engels, but rewritten to sound innocuous, to slowly achieve their goal of a communist world.
The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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