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Here's a hint they are in The Communist Manifesto. I own a copy of it, do you? ....
You don't need to own a copy of it to read it. You can get one at your local library.
I have both read and have a copy of the Communist Manifesto (Political Science is kinda my jam.) It was, and is, a boring read. There are many things that Marx got right, but his description of how a country becomes "communist" was not one of them. I have often said that Marx himself was a lousy Marxist. Philosophically, Das Kapital was an explanation of how economies work and how workers get exploited. Rather than watch that process unfold, he sought to make the changes himself. Didn't work.

In the real world, totalitarianism is totalitarianism, whatever label you want to put on it. And every developed country in the world - especially the capitalist ones - have elements of "socialism" in their operation. It is what makes them humane. In my view, running around shouting "Socialism" all the time is just agitprop from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Even "Democratic Socialists" aren't "Socialists" in the classic definition of the term. (Indeed, I find their self-definition silly.)

So, being serious, what we are really talking about is an Eco-Social Market Economy. Once we get past putting silly labels on things we can get down to actually doing good things for the country. To some, however, that is counterproductive. They want to avoid doing good things at all costs. Even embarrassing themselves by putting labels on everything.