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Fatass Trump:

Good people on both sides.

Nope, there were not. Neo-NAZIs, white supremacists, Alt-Right are not good people.


Ever drive a Volkswagen (the People's Wagon)? It was created by the Nazis. Do you support Planned Parenthood? It's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a white supremacist.

One of the absolute worst deathtraps ever made.
Swing-arm rear suspension that can roll the car at fifteen miles per hour, a #3 cylinder permanently starved for cooling by design, splash lubrication, and who's bright idea was it to separate vehicle wiring from the trunk mounted gas tank with a piece of cardboard while the gas cap was located INSIDE the trunk?

Yours truly circa 1973

The only reason people bought them was they were cheap as hell and got 26 mpg. They sure didn't buy them because they were good cars.
Ralph Nader was eager to kill the Corvair but the Nazi deathtrap was much worse.

So what if Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist?
That doesn't mean that the people who work there today are all white supremacists, it means a misguided woman accidentally did something useful and it grew legs and went on to provide essential healthcare and family planning for several generations of families.

Dr. Werner von Braun was a Nazi but once captured, he knew what side his bread was buttered on and said so. The Americans were superior, and he wanted to be an American, and lead America to victory in the space race. He wasn't interested in Hitler's ideology, he was interested in rockets.

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What people call the Alt-Right are really leftists who are erroneously considered to be right wingers.

This one is absurd. You're basically saying that all those people marching with swastikas saw this poster and went to the wrong rally?

So, if they were actually left wingers (but carrying swastikas) why were they fighting Antifa? Senator, turn off Fox News.
It's polluting your ability to think critically!
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