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If Margaret Sanger was not a white supremacist why did she speak at a KKK rally? She was a eugenicist. Eugenics is the pseudoscience of trying to create a master race of humans by selective breeding.

Using your logic, we can play the "sins of the father" game all the way back to Adam and Eve and all the way forward to the present day.
Did either of your parents ever kill a prize chicken for dinner?
Ergo, you support animal abuse and so do your kids!

Margaret Sanger is dead. Birth control, family planning and women's health services are very much alive. Planned Parenthood offices, which used to be segregated in the Jim Crow era, aren't segregated today.

My pediatrician's office on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC had a segregated waiting room, which my mother uncomfortably ignored until I asked about it at age six. She promptly switched doctors and we never saw that doctor again.
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