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Anything that is not expressly authorized by it is to be either eliminated or done by the various state or local governments.
  • Women's right to vote
  • Minorites right to vote
  • Gay Marriage
  • Due process for non-whites
  • Women's right to control their bodies
  • The right to own land if non-white male
Thanks for the reminder of why Conservatism is a racist and bigoted ideology, Senator Hatrack. smile

This comment is another example of judging our Constitution by today's standards. When it was written the right to vote, even when it was limited to white males, was an extremely radical idea! That extending the right to vote to women and minorities was unfortunately something that took time to do. The state of Wyoming gave women the right to vote before our federal government did. That is why I said there are somethings the states should do. The Fifth Amendment is color blind. Sadly the enforcement of it was not. Again that is something that took time to accomplish. Ever since the days when we were colonies of England people of color could and did own land. Gay marriage is a long overdue idea but it is not banned by our Constitution. It isn't because marriage, gay or straight, is not mentioned in our Constitution. The idea of women controlling their bodies is also a recent one, which it is why it is not mention in our Constitution either.
Not much to disagree with, here, my friend, but not very "conservative", either. Just reasonable and rational. The late, unlamented Justice Scalia would have seen it differently, though. He had no ken with those radical notions of "inherent rights". The founders did, of course, but he only followed their prescriptions when convenient.

Once upon a time (and still in some circles) I was considered a conservative. But the reactionary revanchists that masquerade under that rubric now are unrecognizable to the conservative I was then.