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No I am not being silly and obtuse! Nor am I playing a game.Pres. Obama went around Congress whenever he felt like it.

More like he did it whenever Mitch McConnell blocked House legislation from Democrats (which was almost all the time) and yes, Trump is doing much the same thing, which is why all of Trump's executive orders will be rolled back in much the same way in 2021.

Get your Kleenex out, because Mitch is going down in 2020 just like his boss.

I believe you are wrong about of those two elections. Sen. McConnell won't lose because incumbents in Congress have a 95% reelection rate. Especially when the member of Congress has the seniority and power that McConnell does. Pres. Trump will be reelected because of what all of the Democrats seeking to be their party's Presidential nominee are competing amongst themselves to see who is promising the most "free stuff" from our government.
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