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The idea that Antifa is an anti-fascist organization is a lie! They are a modern day version of Mussolini's Black Shirts.

You're going to have to back that up.
My maternal grandparents were forced out of their own businesses by Mussolini's Blackshirts. There was nothing socialist or lefty about it either.
You cannot make such uninformed statements without proof, sir.

Antifa in the USA are a handful of spoiled rich suburbanite kids who thought the German punk rock squatter ersatz Antifa were cool, so they emulate them but the 1930s Antifa in Europe specifically fought pitched street battles with the NSDAP.

And, of course, just like the pitched street battles being pitched here, they accomplished nothing.

And those groups, Antifa USA, the 1980's German squatter Antifa and the originals from the 1930s, were all Communists.

The black flag represents Anarchy, the red flag represents Communism.
Antifa is largely a Communist group.

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