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Go for it.

The last article was written by Ludwig von Mises who lived in in Austria before WWII.

The difference between the systems, wrote Mises, is that the German pattern "maintains private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary prices, wages, and markets." But in fact the government directs production decisions, curbs entrepreneurship and the labor market, and determines wages and interest rates by central authority. "Market exchange," says Mises, "is only a sham."

Ummm, hello...that IS fascism. The Mises article plays fast and loose with terminology. Under Communism, the state OWNS (not controls - OWNS) production. If you produce hammers, you are an employee of the state, the hammers you make are government property. The store people buy those hammers AT is government owned and operated.

Pretending to ignore definitions by altering the meaning of words and saying "The German and Russian systems of socialism have in common the fact that the government has full control of the means of production" is windyfoggery.

The German government did not OWN IG Farben, AEG, AEC, Siemens, Bayer or Oskar Shindler's company. Shindler owned his company, Shindler took home the money he made, Shindler did not work as a government employee. He CONTRACTED WITH the government.

Words have actual meanings and Ludwig von Mises is not entitled to create his own lexicon.
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