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Now let's talk about Henry Ford, one of Hitler's greatest admirers in the United States.

Ford first voiced his anti-Semitic leanings in 1915, around the time of his "Peace Ship" episode.

Eventually, his belief that the "International Jew" was the source of the world's problems led him to conduct a campaign against them in the pages of his newspaper; The Dearborn Independent.

The articles in Ford's newspaper blamed the Jews for everything from the Bolshevik Revolution and the First World War to bootlegged liquor and cheap movies.
They also accused the Jews of conspiring to enslave Christianity and destroy the "Anglo-Saxon" way of life. The articles were later gathered into book form and published under the title: The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem.

This book was translated into 16 languages, and was to have a profound influence upon the growing Nazi movement in Germany. Eventually, Ford publicly apologized for the articles in light of a legal suit. However; he continued to express his anti-Semitic beliefs in his private circles.

In the 1930's, he hired many fascist sympathizers, accepted an award from Hitler; and engaged in business ventures in Nazi Germany.

Do you know where Henry Ford got his source material for "The International Jew" ??

It is interesting that you can see the American connection to the Nazi with Henry Ford but cannot see them when it comes to the American Eugenics movement. Could that inability to see the connection be due to the fact the eugenicists were Democrats? Or the connection of FDR to Fascism? FDR was definitely NOT a right winger!
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