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"My maternal grandparents were forced out of their own businesses by Mussolini's Blackshirts. There was nothing socialist or lefty about it either."
Before Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile created Fascism they were both Socialists. They created Fascism because they saw that the future predicted by Marx in his writings was not happening. To make Socialism advance, as the good socialists that they were, they created Fascism as an updating of the ideas of Marx.

By moving it all to the extreme right.
When you marinate fish in lye, does the meat turn acid or alkaline by pH reading?

Again, must I explain the difference between a collective and a cartel?

Those on the left must belief that Fascism is an extreme right wing ideology because they want to distance themselves from it. The idea that Fascism is a right wing ideology was started by Josef Stalin. He said that because anyone who disagreed with him or was a threat to his power was a "fascist" rightist anti-revolutionary.
The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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