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I own it.

Then you should be able see that they hatred of each other's ideology was due to the similarities of them not their differences.

Ahhhh, you may want to read the book again.
I say that because you seem to be blithely ignoring Bullock when he talks about Hitler:

"While Hitler's attitude towards liberalism was one of contempt, towards Marxism he showed an implacable hostility… Ignoring the profound differences between Communism and Social Democracy in practice and the bitter hostility between the rival working class parties, he saw in their common ideology the embodiment of all that he detested -- mass democracy and a leveling egalitarianism as opposed to the authoritarian state and the rule of an elite; equality and friendship among peoples as opposed to racial inequality and the domination of the strong; class solidarity versus national unity; internationalism versus nationalism".

Alan Bullock, "Hitler: A Study in Tyranny", New York: HarperCollins, 1971.

I posted it earlier in the thread and you ignored it because you cannot refute it.
Should I use a larger typeface?

Naah, probably won't help.
I thought you said that you're not always right.
Because you're not right on this, and your problem is the fact that you rely on conspiracy theorists, revisionists, neo-Nazis and convicted felons instead of critical thinking.
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