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Hitler detested socialists because they opposed him not because of any ideological differences.

I posted it earlier in the thread and you ignored it because you cannot refute it.
Should I use a larger typeface?

Hahahaha, how cute, except that I didn't ignore it and did refute it, quite handily, in fact. I used Hitler's own words and the words of his closest associates.

Your WaTimes article by the way, says nothing about ideology whatsoever.
If Hitler had been a socialist, he would never, ever have been bankrolled, appeased and admired by centres of conservative power in the way that he was.

In "INSIDE THE THIRD REICH" Albert Speer, the Third Reich's last Armaments Minister, makes clear that he had great difficulty controlling the various private firms well into 1944, when the war was already going to pieces. He also notes the privatization of all the formerly state-owned arsenals, even the huge ones at Suhl, Spandau, and Amberg (13 in all!).

Thyssen ("I PAID HITLER") pointed out that the "marriage" of business and the National Socialist Party, despite Hitler's contempt for aristocracy and business in general, guaranteed high profits for businesses.
Ironically, his steel company was seized over what amounted to a personal hassle with the hierarchy, and handed over for administration and profit to Krupp/von Bohlen, rather than being "nationalized" in the pure sense, which is what would've happened in a left wing state.
Thyssen's widow wound up entrenched in the new merged conglomerate.
Also impossible had socialism nationalized the company, which it didn't.

Public education, of course, had been one of the key features of all organized states since Roman times. And National Public Health in Germany was enacted 1871-83, before Hitler was BORN, by the Bismarck government.
Hitler's state enacted NO new welfare programs, and eliminated many, sending former "loafers" to the death or work camps. Almost none qualified for military service, as the Weimar Republic had always claimed.
Hitler, of course, much like today's conservatives, attacked the Weimar government as "intrusive" and "socialist", and he HATED "Bolshevism" and "social democrats" (socialists), and proclaimed it loudly on almost every page of "MEIN KAMPF".
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