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I did. The fact that Obama's career began with Ayers' help is a very bright line of their connection.

Give me a policy position, or an EO or some statement he made that is directly tied to the positions, statements or deeds of Bill Ayers.
Something more than giving a talk or a coffee.

I would guess that you have never run for political office, Jeffery, I have. From my experience I know that people have their friends over to their home to introduce them and to raise funds for a candidate they support. If they didn't support and agree with the candidate they would not have the meet and greet fundraiser in their home. When starting a political campaign and career you associate with people who agree with you. The fact Bill Ayers opened his home for Barrack H. Obama to use it to start his political career shows that they were in agreement on many issues. One of them probably was their mutual admiration for Saul Alinsky.
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