I had an interesting epiphany: The abortion issue is essentially dead, because of RU-486. Even a reversal of Roe vrs Wade can't do anything about it. It may not be legal in some states, but neither are heroin or meth and millions of people manage to get those any time they want. All that needs to happen is for drug dealers to start carrying RU-486 pills. Women would have abortions on demand, and for a lot less expense than actually going to the doctor to get it.

A very small percentage would have complications that required medical intervention, but here's the rub: They can't tell the difference between an RU-486 abortion and a natural abortion, AKA a "miscarriage". God is the Great Abortionist! So many pregnancies end in miscarriage, authorities would soon be overwhelmed by investigating every miscarriage on suspicion of intentionality. All they need do is investigate one politician's wife after a miscarriage and the investigations would stop from the bad press.