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This is a female problem and men are driving it. The American female seems to go about 30 years between actually supporting themselves and just sitting back and letting it happen.

This is not just a female problem. The bumper-sticker answer is that every abortion is caused by a man. Men are indeed driving the suppression of abortion but that's been true for hundreds of years.

Could you please elaborate on your rather flippant remarks that women just "sit back and let(ting) it happen?” I do realize I'm quoting a May post and it may no longer be, well, viable.

Pondering, regarding pills that allow self-prescribed medically-induced abortions - pharmacists are now able to refuse prescriptions they don't want to fill, on the basis of "Waaah!" Which puts said pills squarely in the black market, which is not an acceptable solution.

Abortion has been around for a very long time. To say that it's women's job to keep it legal would show an astonishing level of irresponsibly, had it not
not ceased to be astonishing a very long time ago.

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