Abortion has been around for a very long time.
Almost as long as birth itself. Some animals go full term, deliver a litter and eat it if raising it is inconvenient.

More babies than you could ever count have been gently placed outside the tent in the snow because they threatened the lives and well being of the mother, parents, or family.

It's never pleasant and it tears at our hearts whenever it happens. But it happens. It's always happened. Midwives have known for years which herbs and poisons will kill the fetus but not its host. Or how to remove one with a rusty coat hanger. Women driven to extremes like this don't really care if they live or die. This pregnancy to them signals the end of their lives anyway.

Roe vs Wade saves lives. But it's not really about lives, or babies, or men or women. When Roe vs Wade passed it was a blow to conservatives. They were strictly against it on moral and religious grounds. Even though sometimes their own daughters might die, religion and morality must hold sway over all else.

Conservatives are sore losers and have never gotten over it. They'll continue to send their daughters and mistresses away for secret abortions while fighting tooth and nail to make it illegal(but still available if you have enough money) and impossible to get for a poor college kid whose entire future depends on not being pregnant right now. Nothing really matters to them more than "owning the libs"
Roe vs Wade was the libs owning them and they cannot let it stand.

I've been wanting to write that rant down for a long time, thanks for pulling the thread back and Welcome Home Mellowicious!
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