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OMG, my friend, use your brain! This is a propaganda piece in a propaganda publication! Was Goebbels a truth-teller? You don't have to get past the first paragraph to see it for what it is.

Yes, because the author of the article is a Nazi and it is in a Nazi publication it must be propaganda. Those damn Nazis never tell the truth they always lie.

Wait, what?? Is the Nazi Party a political party or not?
If it is, and I'm pretty sure of that, that means one can find politicians in that party, yes?

Are you implying that politicians never lie or create propaganda, or..."copious quantities of waxy brown liquid?"

By the way, I just noticed it's from Best Foods.

It's a shoe polish AND A DESSERT TOPPING!!
Of course, not the first time someone's invented a dual purpose product for extremists either.

NEW! Shimmer Floor Wax

Where in my comment did I state that the Nazis have never used propaganda? I never did say that! My comments was and is that with any political party, in order to be successful, it must tell the truth about what it stands for. Your reply is another cop out because you have a damn difficult time admitting you are wrong. The posting of the pictures of shoe polish do not add anything to your comments. In truth they show the weakness of you argument, an argument based on your opinion, not on facts.

"It is time to kill a whacko piece of historical revisionism.
Naming names is important here because in the recent past, more than one person here has implied that Hitler's National Socialism was a left wing (liberal) idea.

And that's just nonsense.

Taking on all comers, if you think Hitler and the Nazis were leftists, prepare to be embarrassed as your theory gets dissected and exposed as sham."
This is a statement of your opinion Jeffery about Nazis. An opinion that has been shown to be wrong.

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