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No, friend, Jeff is not wrong. We've provided historical records that refute your assertion, yet you cling to something that is utterly, categorically, and decidedly wrong as if it were a security blanket. I am confident that were I to provide evidence from Hitler's own pen you would discount it. That is profoundly concerning to me. Conspiracy theories and pure propaganda distort and corrupt the thinking process, as it has done to you, here. In the interest of all that is decent I ask you to reconsider the dark path you are on. Come back to the light of reason and skepticism, and turn away from the dark side of deception and deviance, for that way madness lies. I'm deadly serious here. This is not conservative thought, it is something else entirely.

Could you have made a more condescending arrogant comment, NW Ponderer? I have quoted over sources besides the article by a Nazi. Who, because he is a Nazi and you are your historical sources are not, has more credibility than you and your sources do. The lie that the Nazis are not Socialists was started by Josef Stalin. It is a lie that Socialist repeat to make Nazis the epitome of evil, mainly because of the Holocaust, so that the mass murders committed by the Communist/Socialist regimes are ignored. By getting the mass murders committed by those regimes makes Communism/Socialism acceptable. Communism/Socialism is the epitome of evil, the Nazis are not. The Communists/Socialists murdered people because they were members of the wrong class. The Nazis murdered people because of their religion or nationality. Genocide, for whatever reason, is evil. The biggest perpetrators of genocide in human history are the Communists/Socialists. Because they are Communism/Socialism is the epitome of evil! But if people don't know that then Communism/Socialism is an acceptable ideology and Nazism is not. That is why Communists/Socialists must reinforce the lie that Nazis are not Socialists.
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