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Class hierarchy is truly the one thing conservatives intend on conserving. Conservatives of both parties.

Bougies and Proles...surely you've heard of them NWP? Even in the throes of end game capitalism the class hierarchy MUST be preserved, and con-served..
Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't following the thought process.

As a conservative I have NEVER been concerned or even noticed what class a person is supposedly a member of. Separating people into a class is a Marxist idea. An idea that the left of today has now broaden into identity politics. The greatness of capitalism is that a whatever person's financial situation is that it can go up or down. There is no class hierarchy in conservatism. In the 50 plus years that I have been active in conservatism I have NEVER seen anyone put in a class!
The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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