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This might be a high jacking of It's thread, but - I'm not sure I'm going to stick around very long. I've seen linked stuff today that made me wash my hands and clear my history. I'm not sure my brain wants exposure to such dreck.

Still thinking but, really, neoNazis? I expected change when I wandered back in, and I'm aware that My choices are tolerate or leave again. I'm thinking.

Julia, the marketplace of ideas is large and sometimes host to overweening expressions of ideas which many find unpleasant.
But as someone near and dear once said:
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Without you, we lose yet one more branch that bends toward justice.
You ARE the change, you ARE the hope.
I truly do hope that you will reconsider, stay and help us rebuild the Rant. I am still actively recruiting and I hope to also bring in new and fresh Ranters who fill out the empty places and invigorate our home.

Please consider sticking around.
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