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shows how little you about conservatives
Strange indeed.

For a number of years all I listened to was Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity in that order, and all I saw on TV "news" was Fox, and almost everyone I know was a conservative then and is a Trump supporter now. Do I understand "conservatives"? Yeah I think I have a pretty good idea of who they are and how they think, and I suspect I am right on in understanding Trump supporters (at least in my neck of the woods).

The facts are many if not all so called "conservatives" in Congress have at one time or another stated their allegiance was in order God, Party, and Country. So when I say they start with Christianity for their primary source of legal opinions, I think I am very close to the mark. This always amazed me because they spit nails if anyone mentions Sharia Law.

These folks can not afford to alienate the religious right. Mr Trump can do whatever he wants, even be the anti-Christ, but he is their voice and their path for their religious agenda. All the rest of these so called "conservatives" have to toe the line and pledge ... God above the secular Constitution.

The conservatives you know live in what is euphemistically known as the Bible belt. While there is a strong contingent of conservatives who are Christians first and conservatives second there is also a large number of conservatives who are atheists. Conservatives like me. These conservatives do not support the religious right. We strongly agree with what Sen. Goldwater said about the religious right. This what Goldwater, Mr. Conservative, had to say about the religious right.
""The religious factions that are growing throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom. They are trying to force government leaders into following their position 100 percent. If you disagree with these religious groups on a particular moral issue, they complain, they threaten you with a loss of money or votes or both.
I'm frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person, I must believe in 'A,' 'B,' 'C' and 'D.' Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me? And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate. I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of 'conservatism.' "
--Speech in the US Senate (16 September 1981)
The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
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