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Where in my comment did I state that the Nazis have never used propaganda? I never did say that!

Nowhere, you didn't say that they never used propaganda.
But moving on, here is where you have a problem (BELOW):

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My comments was and is that with any political party, in order to be successful, it must tell the truth about what it stands for.

--This is absolute utter hogwash.
Republicans are against debt until it's their turn in power, then debts are inconsequential and "deficits don't matter."
But you say that in order for a party to be successful they must tell the truth about what it stands for?
Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, that is the worst thing a party can do.
And you know it!

What a political party stands for and what it does are, sadly. most of the time two different things. Why do the Republicans say they are against the deficit? Because the party stands fiscal responsibility. Why are the Republicans not fiscally responsible and working to reduce the deficit once they are in office? Because politicians, in both parties, are elected and reelected on promises to bring home the bacon, to spend money.

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Your reply is another cop out because you have a damn difficult time admitting you are wrong. The posting of the pictures of shoe polish do not add anything to your comments. In truth they show the weakness of you argument, an argument based on your opinion, not on facts.

The very last vestiges of socialism were viciously purged from the NSDAP on The Night of the Long Knives.

Here is what the Night of the Long Knives was all about, POWER, not ideology!
An entire security apparatus, the SA (Sturmabteilung) was outright ELIMINATED and REPLACED by the SS (Schutzstaffel).

The SA was controlled by Ernst Röhm. Himmler and company had convinced Hitler that Röhm was a threat to Hitler, who disliked anyone who disagreed with him or might challenge him.
Gregor Strasser was assassinated and his brother Otto, the leading light of the leftist faction of the party, was exiled, first to Austria, then to Prague, Switzerland and France.

And when it was clear to him that Hitler's SS still intended to quench their thirst for his blood as well, (to the tune of a $500 thousand dollar bounty on his head) he went to Bermuda by way of Portugal, leaving a wife and two children behind in Switzerland.

In 1941, he emigrated to Canada, where he was the famed "Prisoner of Ottawa". He never stopped looking over his shoulder for agents of doom.

Gregor Strasser, like Leon Trotsky, ran because he was deathly afraid of a dictator.
Himmler, speaking to a mass meeting of the SchutzStaffel (S.S.): "We are of the right and of order. We shall sweep away Jews, Bolsheviks, and liberal democracies as one sweeps away flies."

But I'm wrong... LOL ROTFMOL
Yeah, sure.

Here Himmler was using the word right in the political sense but in the sense that "we are of the right" because what we are doing is the right thing to do for Germany. So, yes you are wrong.
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