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What a political party stands for and what it does are, sadly. most of the time two different things. Why do the Republicans say they are against the deficit? Because the party stands fiscal responsibility. Why are the Republicans not fiscally responsible and working to reduce the deficit once they are in office? Because politicians, in both parties, are elected and reelected on promises to bring home the bacon, to spend money.

You're going to have to brush up on your editing skills because you are attributing quotes in a cattywampus way.
I'm going to go after that last post piecemeal so that I don't do the same thing by mistake...

You were essentially saying that Nazis always tell the truth about what Nazism is all about, and you were defending a Nazi publication that is pretending that they're really leftists.

Your last quote (above) is in direct contradiction to what you said earlier about parties having to tell the truth about what they stand for.
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