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Uhhh yes. You making an argument for a three speed blender as it relates to societies.

You gotta stop doing that. No really, why do you NEED me to be making an argument in FAVOR of that?
It's not true, sorry. I am NOT IN FAVOR of it, it's what I have observed.
I'm saying that the way it is, our society HAS those three speeds, and unfortunately speed #3 is "The Sh!t Has Hit the Fan" hitsfan

and the other two aren't nearly transformative enough...and there doesn't seem to be anything in between 2 and 3.

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You've making an argument for what exactly? That you'd rather have it be incrementalism than 'Oh s***!'.

See? You're doing it again. You're putting words in my mouth.
Apparently you are DESPERATE to put me in some kind of box.

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I think we've hit the OS setting awhile ago. We have lived thru a revolutionary transformation of our society and not for the better (IMO).

It's heaven on earth if your rich and hell to be poor. That's where 'incrementalism has gotten us with the democratic party. They have been complicit for much of this state of affairs having decided to join hands with republicans and dismantle the New Deal for corporate patronage. That's a pretty revolutionary act in and of itself. I'll say it again, having an adversary sell you out is one thing but having an ally do it to you is another.

We may disagree with this forever but incrementalism is just a lowering of expectations. 'I can't do 15/hr. but I could do perhaps 12', etc.

Your case is it leads to 'oh sh!t'. Well for some maybe. the trick is to make sure it's the right ones like FDR did.

I simply believe were at a point were radical transformation of the democratic party is necessary. Anything short of that and it's going to be an Flynt for everyone who isn't in the club.

How do you propose going about pulling off that "trick"?
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