I think your party has left you behind, Hatrack. Everything about the Republican Party today is geared towards making money for corporations, making the rich richer and making life harder for the poor.

You are the bourgeoisie. You can call it conservatism if you want but every time you guys take over you hand huge scoops of money to the very very wealthy. and funnel more money into the production of tanks and bombs.

Lotta bougies in the Democratic Party too, but we have other threads for that.

Perhaps you feel like this nonsense is sustainable? So what are your goals Senator? What do you want the world to look like in ten years? or a hundred?
Is Trump laying the groundwork for some grand conservative plan to combat global warming and create a thriving conservative global economy?

Apparently you don't like the idea of a social democracy where workers are paid a living wage, have universal healthcare, and subsidized education. What do you envision? All I see is more kids in cages, more shootings and more people dying who can't afford medicine, but hey...you got a conservative solution for all this? let's hear it.
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