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Coupla points Jeff,

You asked me if I read and understood your post with blenders and speed settings. Yeah, I did. I'm not in favor of you being in favor of anything. Just answering your question of what I thought you wrote. Was that wrong? Were you saying something about societies being like a blender with only three speeds and not seven or something.

Seriously, I don't do well with consumer product analogies and politics. Wether they be countertop appliances, mid mount engine cars with push button transmissions or whathaveya.

Someone said that when societies get into an untenable situation and conditions get unbearable they tend to sulk for a time. It's at that point that they will try something new. If a left option is open to them they can go that way. If a rightward option is offered they will go that way. One thing for sure is that they will go in any direction than the one there currently in. I tend to agree with that observation and I think were trying out the right wing option. The left option was denied.

As far as answers I'm not the one to ask anymore. I've given suggestions buy why repeat myself. We don't have nearly the amount of class consciousness we once had. Labor unions are almost gone. Leftist political groups, ditto.

I dunno, what do you suggest. Vote Democrat?

Well put, Chunk.
I need a minute, but I wanted you to know I read your well thought out post and appreciated it.
What do I suggest? Get Trump out by any means necessary.
That's all I can think of for the moment but if I can take a minute I'm sure I'll come up with more.

But off the top of my head: Get rid of Trump and marginalize the GOP long enough for everyone to catch their breath.

To be continued.
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