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Have you ever considered what brought us to Trump? Beyond the Russian narrative? Not saying you advocate the Russian excuse, just that it's what a lot of people and politicians are selling.

That's what interests me most and I can't walk away from that dive without realizing much of the blame rests on the shift in political alignment with the Democratic party.

For me, supporting that realignment can't offer a way out of our current political/economic crises. Were going to have to face the mounting contradictions of capitalism sooner or later. Will it be right wing authoritarian (oh wait...) or left wing egalitarian?

You have to define your terms re Russia.
I don't buy the notion that some army of Boris Badenovs hacked the voting machines. Sure, it can be done but that's not why Russia was and still is a problem.

For me, from where I sit, Russia simply succeeded in upping the static and lowering the signal to noise ratio just enough to get everybody fighting over bullcrap and agitprop.

What brought us to Trump, in my humble opinion, started with The Powell Memo. Ronnie Ray Gun accelerated it into overdrive and suddenly the Great Peristalsis to the Right made every Democrat "feel ashamed".

Then the Clintons advanced their stupid "Third Way" neoliberal nonsense. A 1994 rout of the Dems in Congress paved the way for the truly insufferable Contract ON America and by the time we got ourselves embroiled in a very convenient war, the very idea of being liberal was almost considered a crime.
Democrats went to sleep and liberals were ashamed.

Not me, not you, but a lot of them. Most liberals didn't fight back, or fight hard enough.
Bubba "seemed liberal" on the surface.
Note that I said "seemed".

You want a fight, okay then, let's have a fight.
I'll drag my 63 year old ass out there and try to help you fight.
You want a revolution?
Okay then, is there a plan for after the revolution succeeds?

Let's hear it.
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