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Maybe Joe Biden wouldn't mind being VP? I think we're at the stage in our country's development that we're ready for a strong woman to lead. After 3 years of not only Trump's misogyny, but the whole dark, dirty Jeffrey Epstein scandal, more people (well maybe mostly me) think it's time for a woman to be president. Tell you one thing, there won't be any sexual assaults or blowjobs in the Oval Office. There won't be any patriarchal rich white men's sexcapades at the top of the administrative food chain going on with a woman at the very top of government.

It might be entertaining to see "Biden Veep II" but I am almost sure he's not interested in accepting that gig for a third term.
Can you imagine Liz rolling her eyes at him every time he commits a gaffe?

I'll get behind Liz. Thing is, her and Bernie agree on a ton of things but she's actually trying to be electable. I'd love it if Bernie was as electable as she is, but he's not.
I'll vote for him if he wins the nom but it sure is looking like we're gonna get Prezzy-dint Pocahontas.
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