You keep asking me for the answer to a problem I've given you suggestions on before. Do I think it's enough though? Probably not. Whatever comes down the pike won't be what you or I imagine but I do think it will be very unpleasant.

Trumpism and it's international variations are not going away. It won't be countered by the current Democratic party as far as I can tell. It would be nice to get rid of the deadwood in the Democratic party and allow the energy and good ideas in. I've suggested ideas for that but it's not a sure bet that will show any great success.
I live in New York. A dodgy political state if there ever was one. We have a 'Democratic' governor that makes all sorts of aspirational progressive promises to voters on election day but uses the party machine to elect rebadged republicans as democrats to allow him the excuse to not be able to ever deliver on those promises. They were called the IDC or the 'Independent Democratic Caucus'. They caucus with the minority republicans making them a defacto majority. This governor held fundraisers for them over more progressive primary challengers. That's the play both here and at the federal level.

'We wanted to do these awesome things we talked about if it weren't for those republicans...' Sound familiar? Didn't Joe Biden campaign for a republican in 2018? Didn't the DNC black listing just make it much much harder to unseat a rebadged republican blue dog in deep blue districts. It's not like the DNC put those impediments in for no reason.

You have to overcome those obstacles if you want real progressives. Blue no matter who is not going to solve that problem for progressives.

That's the problem with a two party system. It's to easily gamed in this way and many more.

I'll say it again, the road for real progressives is very tough. They not only have to fight the Party in the primary but win in the general, often with no support at all from the party after winning the primary.

It's not just a simple matter of lefties being lazy and not voting. More of not having choices due to the DNC.

2016 y'all.

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