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Jon, since you've now let the cat out of the bag re Disney visits, next time you go see The Mouse, you are required to allow us to take you guys out to lunch or dinner, because we are only about ten miles from Disneyland.
I'd say "breakfast" was an alternate choice except Karen does not wake up till around eleven.

"I raised my two kids, up at 5 AM every weekday, I am done with early rising"

Only thing that gets her up early is a VA appointment!

Anyway, Karen and I are feeding you two next time you get down here.
It's a deal, although our next trip is to Disney World, so I have to cajole Greger to meet me somewhere... wink

Well dang, I thought you were going to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA
Greger said you guys go to Orlando!
Well if you ever DO get out to Anaheim, we're just up the road.
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