I'd sure hate to see you go, Senator. I didn't even know you were a classical liberal. Rock ribbed Republican is the way I saw you. I was just beginning to figure out that you really don't much care for Trump or the current direction of the Republican Party except when it happens to coincide with your own political leanings.

What I've seen since your return is page after page of you and Jefferey hashing over your interpretations of historic events. I don't much care about the past. But I'm very concerned about the future and want to know what the Hell conservatives plan to do about any number of impending social and environmental concerns.

I want to know your vision of the future. We can agree to disagree about how we got where we are today. It aint how you get into these things that count, it's how you get out of them.

The constitution requires government to provide for the common defense. Tanks and bombs. It does not require them to have the most expensive and powerful military in the history of the world and bases all over the world.

The Constitution also requires that it "promote the general welfare".

Something you seem to always read past and brush aside. I'd like to spend some time talking to you about that. Lot's of things I'd like to talk about. You gonna vote for Trump in 2020?

Let's spend some time thinking about that Utopian Social Democracy I dream of. It can easily be pulled off within Constitutional parameters.

Free healthcare? Where'd you ever get that idea? Medicare isn't free. Universal healthcare isn't "free" anywhere. The governments primary job is the collection and disbursement of funds for various things.

If your argument is simply that the government shouldn't do anything at all and that wealthy industrialists should go on about destroying the planet then perhaps goodbye is best.

I want solutions not excuses.
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