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So this hit yesterday....

"The Kochs enlisted the help of Third Way, a corporate-funded centrist group that has long opposed progressive populists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, after the Democrats won control of Congress in 2006, according to excerpts from Leonard's book published by The Intercept. Concerned that Democrats were souring on free trade, which threatened their oil importation business, the Kochs sought to use the group to promote free trade to Democrats."

Koch Brothers funding Third Way Democratic think tank

Confirmed. This was sort of an open secret for a long time.
People couldn't quite prove it but it was a lot like the Watergate case, pretty safe bet but not yet confirmed...until it finally was confirmed.

Yeah, the Kochs love to meddle with soft-bellied Blue Dogs.
"Who's a good boy!!" (rub rub rub)

All the more reason to catapult the Bernie and Liz Warrens to the fore. Eventually the Kochs will have to face facts...they're not welcome anymore.

No one said it would be easy. Money talks. And they have mountains of it.
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