One way to look at it is that Democrats have been selling off their base for corporate patronage for decades now. The problem with that is you get to a point where you no longer win elections as you don't have enough votes. You don't have enough votes because of a legitimacy crises.

In order to regain legitimacy with voters you deploy propaganda and focus on issues that may drive voters back into your camp. You won't disturb the rentiers by supporting voters real material, economic concerns. So instead you get:

Racists running out of the woods.
The fight to preserve 'normalcy'
Gender equality
Immigration round ups

The problem with that play is you solve none of the long term systemic contradictions of choosing money over people. ANy reasonable proposals and candidates are being squelched by money in the Democratic party.

If the Party collapses (No signs of that yet but one can dream) that would provide some political space for something better to come in (we have worse currently). A left wing alternative perhaps?

Random thoughts is all...

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