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Not sure I would agree with the socialist boogeyman theory.

4 million new millennial voters come on line every year. Boomers numbers will be reducing. Millennials have a higher favorability for socialism than capitalism. It's an entirely different set of economic circumstances facing them than faced boomers.

Sanders ran as a democratic socialist and didn't seem to have much of a problem with it. He had more problems with the press and DNC than with voters themselves.

I just don't think red baiting is the handy tool it once was.

I am inclined to agree with you if for no other reason than the sands of time. You want I should help you pick up that big-ass hourglass and we both shake it up and down real hard to make the sand move faster?

I'd give it a try. But I doubt we can hurry it up enough in time for 2020. In 2024 it's a pretty good bet my argument will be 100% moot and yours will be the only logical one.

I promise you Chunks, you will not see me crying or whining about that. I'll be relieved.
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