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My plan for years has been to crush the Republican Party then start in on the Democrats. 2020 is looking like an excellent chance for the former and advances by social democrats are making the latter seem more attainable.

Thank you! S'what I've been trying to say!
First, we extricate ourselves from this largely self-inflicted prison, marginalize the GOP for a generation and while that's moldering, we start remaking the Democrats back into the Left party they're supposed to be again.

We HAVE the blueprint on how it's done, the Tea Party did it to the Republicans starting in 2010. In two or three years time the Tea Party WAS the Republican Party.

Now, of course we need to be SMARTER than they are, which means we don't bring in a bunch of clowns like they did, but the mechanism works, we saw it work.

Buh-bye Chuck Schumer, buh-bye all the rest of you establisment neoliberal peter puffers.

Pelosi already indicated that she's probably going to make this term her swan song, so there's that.
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