The general Welfare clause does not give our government carte blanche spending power.

1. I'm not asking for carte blanche spending power.

2. The Defense clause also does not give our government carte blanche spending power. Perhaps you'd like to explain that "defense budget" to me?

We have a federal minimum wage. It is a silly outdated figure with no basis in reality. I'd like to see it immediately bumped to $12 with plans to increase it to $15 by 2024. I don't think that involves a great deal of federal spending.

The simplest route to universal healthcare is expanding and changing our Medicare and Medicaid programs. Possibly merging them with the Veterans administration. Anyone could buy into it and anyone could buy out of it. The "wealthy" would pay more than the middle class, the poor would pay less, the destitute would receive free care. Insurance would come out of your paycheck. There might be shortfalls and premiums might be tweaked up and down but we already know that the system works, so again no carte blanche spending required.

Bernie's plan to pay for "free" higher education is a transaction tax on stock exchange transactions. I love this tax! The stock market is nothing but a casino and I see no reason the government shouldn't get a cut of the action.

Senator, these are workable solutions, within constitutional parameters, and can be funded without difficulty.

And tell me again what it is you hate about a well educated, well paid, and healthy population?
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