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Plan is out the window if Biden is elected. Long term result between Biden and Trump are almost identical. Because neo-librals. I'd shoot myself right now if I believed Biden couldn't be beaten by Warren or Sanders.

Re-configuration of the Democratic Party can only begin in earnest after they are in power. AOC will be the defacto voice of the House if not, in fact, the Speaker. The Squad is going to grow in numbers as a few lefty white guys and maybe a lesbian of color get swept in with the anti-Trump wave. In the near future they are going to be the cool kids on the block and hanging with them is going to get you headlines, donors and votes. They will pull moderates leftward and embolden others to step to the left.

The Senate will flip with a progressive candidate but not necessarily if it's Biden. Don't even ask me why I think this but I do.

Party bosses won't be happy but there is a political wind blowing and they can choose to go with it or against it. They've been tacking against it for some time but after a while beating your way upwind becomes impossible.

But this scenario depends entirely on a progressive candidate winning.

FOX News polls are showing Trump losing badly against any of the top 4 candidates. The only possible reason to vote for Biden is rapidly going away.

Change. Can you smell it?

Biden is four monster gaffes, maybe even three, away from conceding to Liz Warren. I don't mean that I think he will give a concession speech...I mean she's going to beat the pants off him as he tries in vain to get the marbles in his mouth to sync up with the neo-liberal marbles in his head.

And Liz "has a plan for that".
No really, Liz Has a Plan for That!

Warren Has a Plan For That

It's growing legs!
Biden? He doesn't have a plan for anything except

"The 1990's - - Lather Rinse Repeat"

And it's going to ultimately fall flat.
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