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Apologies if I've missed parts of the discussion. Trying hard to catch up.
RE: What Retirement is for us.

We never expected to be this old, or to be reasonably healthy.

We have spent the time to deal with the future, and are at peace with whatever might happen. Myself or jeanie.

22 years growing up and college.
30 years employed
30 years retired (frugally)
61 years married

Absolutely the happiest days of our lives.

Moved into our CCRC 15 years ago at age 68. Best decision, as we're comfortable and well adjusted to life without worries.

It was a bit of a tough decision at the time... live in the homestead 'til we died or be safe... with the ability to adjust to whatever might happen. We love living in Liberty Village... Just now came back from a driveway party with about 25 good friends who live here in the Villas. Same age group, same interests. Naturally many widows/widowers in a 300+ population so the transition, when it happens, is easier than living alone.

No downsides, and we will not be a burden on our four sons and their families.

Our home is already handicap equipped so we may try to stay in it for a long time. But we are aware that life can change.
We're very lucky so far.
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