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Well, on his worst day Biden's about 1000 times less likely to "misspeak" than Trump. But I guess we don't hold Trump to any standards at all now.

But on his supposedly best day, he seems anxious to appease Republicans.

‘There’s an awful lot of really good Republicans out there’: Joe Biden at Cape Cod fundraiser

Yeah we know, Joe. But at the outset of the 2020 Democratic campaign season, who exactly are you signalling to? Most of those "really good Republicans" already left the party, and most of the ones that still remain are the Party of Trump.

Is Lindsey Graham one of those really good Republicans? How about Steve King? Mitch McConnell? Is he a really good Republican, Joe?
What about Devin Nunes? Are you signalling to Nunes?

Are you sure you joined the right party?
The only people pushing the Athenian Straw Man Nonexistent Threat of Slippery Slope Windyfoggery (ASMNSSW) RE DEMOCRACY are people who have a misunderstanding/problem or hatred of democracy. (See AUTHORITARIANS)