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Biden - Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead
Warren- Warren Has A Plan For That
Sanders- Not Me, Us
Trump- Keep America Great Again


Okay.....based on that, I like the one who has a plan. I want the new CEO of the USA to hit the ground running in January of 2021. It's going to be a bloodbath. Government will be topsy turvey with the progressive takeover and immediate action will need to take place. The battleground will be covered with corpses and crows picking them clean. The house has hundreds of bills and resolutions ready to be flushed through a compliant senate.
I want a mind that's quick and nimble, one that is versed in law. If we take her message to heart, she has already done the research as a US Senator and knows what needs to be tweaked to get the pressure off the US workforce. What Trump promised but didn't ever have a plan for.
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