By RR/Retiree standards it seems I am still a kid wink I qualify for AARP, but can't get discount tickets to the movies.

I'm still licensed to practice law, but my standard response to anyone who asks is that I am doing my best to stay retired. Since I have no clients (at present), I don't maintain insurance or trust accounts that I would have to if I were running a practice and taking "retainers". I will probably voluntarily resign before I have to report again in 3 years' time. In the meantime I give free (pro bono) advice, and referrals to other attorneys, but I am seriously contemplating jumping back in to work for the ACLU, or immigrant rights. I would have to do more training (where will I find the time), but a worthy cause is a worthy cause.

But, given all the discussion of estates, I have a story about my dad. When he was a relatively new attorney, his uncle died. The family insisted that he probate/administer the estate. He didn't want to because it was not his bailiwick, but the family was insistent. He did a very meticulous job (he always did), and scrupulously followed the appropriate process, but, as happens with family sometimes, he was criticized by some members who didn't think his distribution was "fair" (obviously because they didn't get more than others). That segment of the family never got over it. He didn't either, and never administered another estate.