I just wish my eyesight, hearing, knees and ankles had held out just a little while longer. I was hoping to still be humping around camera gear as a spry seventy-year old at least part time.

My health just wouldn't cooperate. The other day I went to move all my equipment cases from one side of the garage to the other so I could better access the water heater. By the time I got all the cases down on the floor I had to take a breather for ten minutes, and my right knee was talking to me big time.

The husband of my niece is currently "borrowing" almost ALL my lighting gear collection, which was actually fairly considerable. At this point I really can't imagine ever needing to use them again, but letting them go permanently just doesn't feel right.

Of course he's extremely hunky and talented (no wonder my niece fell in love with him) and he's working with some talented crew so maybe his project will make a big chunk of coin. If it does, I'm sticking my hand out and expecting some back end action on top of my end credit.
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD