I have had AFib since June 2000.

I take Sotalol AF (heart rate), a generic and Warfarin (Coumadin)(blood thinner) another generic. Now I know, this next is because of my insurance but a 180 count (90 day) supply of Solatol AF costs me $3.00. While the Warfarin 5mg costs $7.00 for a 90 day supply. Also, I PT/INR test bi-weekly at home with a CoaguCheck device, like a diabetes testing device (prick the finger, place a drop of blood on the test strip and wait a few seconds for the results and then report them.

Another good thing is Warfarin has a reversal protocol, I forget which of the two you mentioned does not. That means, if I suffer a serious bleed, or they need to quickly cut me, they give me a shot and a few minutes later the effects of Warfarin are gone, and they can get about their business.

Talk to your doctor about changing meds. To change to Soltalol AF you may need to be hospitalized for about 5 days as they dial in your dosage.

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